Curd is one of the main ingredient of our daily diet. It has many benefits and provide us calcium and protein. Here I am presenting a video which shows how to set thick and creamy curd at home in a easy way with some tips and tricks.



Preparation And Cooking Time

360 Min.


Basic Ingredients

Cooking Method :   

1 Liter Milk

1 Tbsp Curd (starter)

Boil the milk.

Allow to cool.

Check the temperature of the milk with a candy thermometer.

In summers the temperature of the milk should be 110- 116 degree Fahrenheit.

Or you can check with your finger. Keep your finger immersed in milk for 10 seconds if you can bare it easily this means the temperature of milk is perfect for the curd to set.

Mix the milk properly or you can remove the thick layer of malai(cream). I prefer malaidar curd.

Add starter (curd) in a big spoon or in a bowl mash it and mix in the milk.

Pour in a vessel or bowl in which you want to set curd.

Cover and keep on warm place for 4-5 hours in summers.

I keep it in the microwave. Following this step I get the perfect curd.

After 4-5 hours it sets perfectly.

Before consuming it you have to keep in fridge for minimum two hours.

Now the curd is ready to consume.


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